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Imperial Resort Beach Hotel
It is approximately 42 kilometers (26 mi), by road, south of Kampala, the country’s capital.
The coordinates of Imperial Resort Beach Hotel are: 00 02 48N, 32 28 16E (Latitude: 0.0467; Longitude: 32.4710).

For more information please visit their website
Recommended Hotels:

There are a number of hotels that have been identified along Entebbe-Kampala highway whose facilities meet the minimum requirements, are relatively cheaper and are suitable to host guests.

Guests who choose to reside in these hotels will easily access the conference venue since they are not far away from the conference venue.
These hotels include:
1. Country Lake Resort - Garuga
2. Garden Hotel, Entebbe
3. Precious Hotel, Entebbe
4. Traveler’s Inn Entebbe


All hotels highlighted above have transport facilities available to pick guests from the airport and take them back to the airport. Arrangements shall be made for guests who will book appropriately.

SCESCAL XXIII organising committee assures the guests that Uganda is safe and secure. we guarantee the safety of our guests while in Uganda as Uganda is one of the coutries voted with "The happiest and most hospitable population in Eastern Africa", UN report 2016 report. We encourage oiur guests to come prepared to spend a little more time after the conference since there is alot to explore.

Weather Forecast:
Uganda is located at the center of the Equator with moderately cold and warm temperatures ranging between 18o C  (64o F) and 28o C (87.8o F).